Which glass is best for me?

I’m a sucker for glass, and this glass house is my new favorite.

If you like glass, this is the perfect place to get started.

But first, here are some rules to remember about the glass house: Don’t pour, not touch, and don’t put it in your mouth.

Here’s how.1.

No glasses are allowed.

Glass can only be touched once, and that includes glassware.2.

Glass must be clean and not dirty.

You can’t put any dirt or grease in the glass.3.

Don’t touch the glass or let it get wet.

You must be careful not to damage your glasses.4.

Don.t. break it.

The glass house doesn’t let you put anything on it.5.

You may take it home and use it.6.

The house is meant to be a work of art.

Glassware, like any art piece, is meant for a purpose and not a celebration of its own.7.

Don”t touch the surface of the glass without a mask or goggles.8.

Glass is a gift.

You”re not allowed to give glass to someone else or take it away.9.

You are responsible for your glassware and no one else.

Glass will be taken to the shop if you break it or you throw it away without cleaning it.10.

If it”s a gift, you are responsible.

Glasses are not to be returned to the house if the recipient is under 18.11.

Do not put glass into the fire.

It burns and smothers your glass.12.

You should only be allowed to use the glasshouse if you”re the only person who uses it.

You don”t have to be in the house.13.

If someone else uses the glass, the house must be cleaned and returned to you.14.

If a child uses the house, the parents must be present.15.

If your glass gets damaged, you must notify the authorities and they must fix the damage.16.

The fire can be contained with a hose.

It must be put out before it can start.17.

If the house gets damaged by fire, you”ll have to pay for the damage and clean up.18.

You do not have to do anything at all if you do not want to, but you do have to use good judgment when choosing your home decor.19.

Glass doesn”t work.

It”s not safe.20.

The window is not supposed to be open.

If this is a problem, don”’t put glass in the window.