A new kind of glasses may be the next frontier in medicine

A pair of glasses that can help people see clearly in the dark may be just a few years away from being available to millions of people.

Zenni eyewear, which was created by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, is designed to fit over glasses, making them more sensitive to light than the standard type of eyeglasses.

The new lenses, which have been tested in animals, could help blind people see with their normal vision and can help visionaries see at night, according to the company.

The company also has a patent on the technology that gives the new glasses their unusual, flexible design.

Zenny has a special lens that’s designed to be able to bend and fold to fit a person’s head.

The new lenses are about the size of a thumb and the lenses have been developed to be more flexible than normal eyeglass lenses, according a statement from Zenny.

The company has been working on the new lenses for more than a year.

It’s an approach to improving vision that has already shown promise in people with visual impairment, said Andrew R. Jones, director of the Institute of Vision at Columbia University, who was not involved in the work.

That said, he said, “it’s not going to replace your glasses if you have an optical disease or you’re going to need glasses for a long time.”

The new glasses may also help people with vision disorders, but they’re not yet commercially available.

For now, Jones said, it’s important for people to know they have the option to use the new technology.

“You might want to get an eyeglare, but I don’t know if you’ll need an eyepiece,” Jones said.

The lens is also made of a material called “molecular glass,” which has been shown to be very effective in people who are blind or have low vision.

The glass is also flexible enough to bend in different directions.

Jones said Zenny has been looking for ways to make the lenses even more flexible.

“What they have done is taken the lens to the next level by making the lens more flexible and then bending it so that it can fold into different shapes,” Jones told CNN.

The glasses are also made out of a composite material called polymer nanowires.

Jones said he’s excited by the potential of the technology, especially because it could help people in areas like vision disorders.

“If you have a vision impairment, this is a great way to help,” Jones added.

The technology could also help the world’s blind.

“We can’t see right now, but we can see a lot more,” said a woman with macular degeneration.

“But it’s not enough.

It’s still going to be a huge challenge to be visually accessible.

This is an exciting way to get there.”

Jones and his colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Eye Institute and the Johns Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit have published a paper on the design and development of Zenny’s lenses, called “Light-Gathering Microfluidic Lens for the Visual-Impairment and Blind.”

The technology could eventually be used in eyeglas that would give blind people a way to see through the lenses without the need for special glasses, Jones added, or in glasses that are already in the market.

Zennetti glasses are designed to cover the eyes, allowing people with normal vision to see with the eyes open.

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