How to fix your broken iPhone 5 and 5c with a little glass replacement

Glass is one of the best-performing materials for replacing shattered or damaged glass, but it also comes with a couple of disadvantages.

First, most phones are made from plastic and, as such, they can crack easily and lose their sharp edges.

Second, they aren’t always recyclable—and there’s no way to make them “recycled” to be used in other products.

A few years ago, one company developed a new material that is a replacement for glass that uses only the glass itself.

Called Magnifying Glass Clipart, it’s made of an all-glass glue and has been tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to show the best results.

Magnifying glass clips have also been used to replace broken iPhone 4 models, according to an article published by the Guardian.

While Apple isn’t yet ready to release the new MagnifyingGlass clipart for the iPhone 5 or 5c, it says it’s currently working with a number of different manufacturers to get it out to consumers.

The clipart is being produced by a company called NXP Semiconductors, which has been producing the glue for a long time.

The company has also been working on a new type of adhesive that will be used to secure the clipart to the iPhone, according the Guardian article.

The glue is designed to hold the cliparts in place and prevent it from falling off when it’s opened.

If it’s broken, Magnifyingglass clips can be replaced with a brand-new clipart that’s also stronger and won’t crack, the Guardian reported.

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