‘I was in a lot of pain’: Man’s glass bowl shattered in Mississippi storm

A man was shocked by the shattering glass he had smashed in Mississippi when it rained for two days last month.

The glass was broken during a storm that dumped heavy rain on the state, but the man was unharmed.

He said he was in “a lot of trouble” because he didn’t want to break up the glass and was too drunk to think about it.

“I was on my back, my arm was down,” he told ABC News.

“I’m trying to think how could I have broken it?

I was in the middle of nowhere and the water was getting in my face.

I thought I was gonna die.”

The man had smashed the glass in the back of his house in Hattiesburg on April 26.

He said he went to the local emergency room with a broken hand.

His condition worsened and he was hospitalized, but he was discharged on Wednesday.

The glass broke when a storm surge hit his house, causing the rain to splash in and hit the house.

The Mississippi Department of Safety said in a statement that the man had “an injury to the face” but that he was able to remove it by himself.

After the man’s arrest, he was released from jail after posting $1,500 bond.

The man told ABC affiliate WGCL he’s grateful he wasn’t injured.

“They were all good people, and they took the time to make sure that my family and I were OK,” he said.

“It’s a miracle that nothing else happened.”