‘The Last Man’ in Glasses: What’s the Story Behind the Glasses?

“I’m sure it’s a wonderful thing to have as a family,” says Ms. Gattone, who is also the mother of five.

“We have so many wonderful stories and it’s great to know that you can do something for the kids and the world.”

The family says the project will help build a new generation of women in the arts and the arts education sector.

They also want to encourage women to get involved with the arts, and in a way, their lives are enriched by the glass.

“It’s a gift that you get to share with other people and the universe,” says Gatto.

“When we see it, it’s like the spark that goes off in your heart and mind.

You don’t need to ask for permission to take it and use it.”

The family also hopes the project can help the young people in their life.

“We’re hoping to encourage them to go to art school or to go into the creative arts and to make their own dreams a reality,” says Burt Gattoni.

“To have that experience in your life is so empowering, to have someone in your family or community to say ‘yes, I want to do this.'”

For more information about the project, visit glass-in-glass.com.