Drink coffee with margaritas, glass coffee muffs, glasses

Drinking glasses, mugs and other glassware, which include coffee muff glasses and other beverage-friendly glasses, are getting a boost from a new ad campaign by Coca-Cola India.

The campaign, which is targeting young, urban consumers, is being launched on Facebook.

The ad will run across all major networks and has already garnered over 2.2 million views.

The campaign has been dubbed as ‘A day of relaxation for us all’ by its creator and will also run across the day.

It features celebrities such as singer, comedian, actor Aamir Khan, and actor Ajay Devgn, among others, all playing characters in the ads.

In one scene, Aamira is seen drinking a glass of coffee with her friends while chatting with a friend.

In another scene, the two girls drink their coffee with their friends while they’re talking on the phone.

In a third scene, a group of women are seen talking in a group, while a group is seen watching a TV channel.

The Coca-Colas ad also includes a few other brands in the campaign, such as Pimm’s Coffee, Kool-Aid and Coca-cola.

The company is expected to roll out the campaign on a wider scale over the next two months.

The ad has also got the support of several organisations, including the National Human Rights Commission, the Delhi-based All India Progressive Women’s Association and the Delhi Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to take our brand to the next level by empowering our users.

It’s time to take the social media to the street,” said Sajeev Goyal, Coca- Colas chief executive officer.

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