Toyota reveals 3rd generation of its Lexus luxury sedan

Toyota has revealed its third generation of the Lexus flagship sedan.

The Lexus SRP will be released in late 2018, and will be the company’s latest model in the segment.

The SRP comes in three models, each priced from $35,000.

The SRP is powered by the all-new 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine and will feature a five-speed manual transmission.

The vehicle will also get a front-wheel drive configuration, which is an option that is currently available on some versions of the Subaru WRX STI.

The rear-wheel-drive configuration is currently only available on the STI and Subaru WRZ STI (but not the WRX Limited), which is the base model.

The Toyota SRP starts with a 4,600-pound curb weight, which will come in at 6,000 pounds.

The standard features of the SRP include the aforementioned five-wheel steering wheel, six-speaker audio system, a 10-inch touchscreen and a 10.3-inch front- and rear-mounted touch screen.

The interior is expected to be similar to that of the WRD, but the SRPC comes with a slightly smaller and lighter design.

The three SRP models will be available in Japan and China.

The 2017 model was announced earlier this year.

The Japanese market is expected not to be the first market where Toyota will debut the SRPI, and the SR PC will be a bit more limited in terms of what is available.