Warby Parker glasses maker gets $400K in patent warby-parker-s-finally

On Tuesday, Warby Parker, the maker of Warby’s glasses and sunglasses, filed a patent that covers a variety of different applications for its products, including one that would allow for glasses with an augmented reality feature, and another that could allow the wearer to use an augmented virtual reality headset to see things that have not been seen before.

In the patent, Warburton said the glasses could “enable a user to see images and video that were previously unobserved.”

This is the first time that the glasses have been licensed by the federal government, Warburtons said.

It’s unclear whether the patent will affect other companies or how much it will help the company, or if it’s merely another patent filing.

The patent filing comes on the heels of another lawsuit that was filed against Warby by the Federal Trade Commission.

It was filed last month by the same group, alleging that the company is abusing its market dominance by abusing its patents to profit from its technology.

In addition to Warby, the lawsuit accuses the company of violating the Fair Trade Act and the U.S. Patent Act by making products that are not only unpatentable, but also that do not have the required “patentability of their subject matter,” according to the FTC.

In its complaint, the FTC said the company violated the Act by:Creating and marketing products that do nothing to create, create, or promote fair trade; and