When does the glass frog begin to make its presence known?

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Friday, June 27, 2020 07:04:47In the last few days, the glass sea frog has begun to emerge from its underwater habitat.

It is known to be the largest freshwater fish, and one of the world’s largest freshwater fishes.

The species was first identified by the scientists of the National Museum of Natural History in Israel in 1948.

Since then, it has been the subject of intensive study by the Israel National Aquarium and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Israeli Aquarium has captured several glass frog specimens, and the University of Jaffa has released several specimens of the species in aquaria across the country.

The glass frog is an invasive species, with the government of Israel banning the species from entering the country in the past.

But as the glass frogs make their presence known, it is also a reminder of the ongoing struggle against invasive species.

In Israel, the Israeli government has recently passed a law that bans the importation of glass frogs from abroad, and it has also been accused of infringing on local fishing rights by allowing the import of glass frog products.

While the glass amphibians are not native to Israel, they have been brought over from China and Korea to Israel.

They have been seen at Israeli beaches, parks, and restaurants, and have even been used in the creation of glass sculptures and decorative objects.

This story has been updated to include a statement from the Israeli Aquaria.

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