Glass Beach, red wine glasses are gone for $100,000

Glass Beach is about 60 miles east of San Diego and was home to the iconic Glass Beach restaurant from the 1950s until the mid-1980s.

Now, the popular beachfront destination is an empty shell, according to the owners of the resort and nearby hotel.

The owners of Glass Beach Resort in the city of Red Rock are closing its doors and are planning to sell the property for about $100 million.

The owners, the Goldfish Resort and Spa, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November after a court order to sell.

The resort’s current owner, the Red Rock Chamber of Commerce, says they will pay $80,000 to $100 of the debt and the remaining $100 will go to creditors, including $75,000 for their personal expenses.

The resort’s original owner, The Blue Ribbon Group, purchased the resort in 1990 for $50,000 and later sold it to the Redrock Chamber of Tourism, according a lawsuit filed in May 2017.

A Red Rock spokeswoman said the resort’s website does not show any future plans for the resort.

A new hotel is planned for the site, according the resort website, but no specific date has been announced.