Glass Animals: Dogs with glasses in Dublin

Dubliners have had their say on glass animals for a while now, with many asking why the Irish have not seen an actual glass animal.

“It’s just a novelty,” said Cork city councillor Eamonn Ryan, who is responsible for Dublin’s new petting zoo.

“I think it’s just another bit of Irish tourist attraction.

It’s not really a petting ground.”

The Glass Animals charity, which runs an animal sanctuary in Cork, has been breeding and selling glass animals in Dublin for over five years.

“We started with two male and one female and the whole idea was to have a pet that was not only cute but also friendly,” said Paul O’Connell, director of the charity.

“For people to come and see the glass animals we’ve got around the city is a bit like seeing an animal on a leash.

It just shows people that they can come in and have a look and really enjoy the experience.”

The animals are then kept in a cage for up to two hours at a time.

“People come to the cage to see the animal, but it’s a cage and a cage needs to be kept clean,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“They need to be given a bit of exercise and given a clean bed, and they need to have access to a clean food dish and toilet.”

The charity is also looking to expand to a larger venue and to develop the idea of a glass garden in the city.

“In the city of Cork, people have come up to us and said they wanted to be a part of the project,” Mr Ryan said.

The charity has also started a new website to offer a free bottle of beer for the first 100 people who visit the website to pick up a glass animal, or buy one for their pet.

“We’re trying to create a social network for people who are interested in bringing their pet into the world and being able to enjoy it,” Mr Pankiw said.