Google Glass Glass is getting a redesign

Glass is coming to an end, but Google is making it even easier to get rid of your old ones.

The company has released a new version of its Glass app that allows users to change the default settings, and the app has been updated with a new logo and a new design.

The new Glass app is currently available in the Google Play Store, and it offers a new user interface, more customization options, and a redesigned Glass logo.

The new design also allows users who have already installed Glass to take a photo with it instead of turning off the feature.

Google Glass has had a few different versions, but the newest version is much more versatile.

Glass users can set the camera to auto focus, choose the frame size for the lens, and even make adjustments to the color of the glass itself.

The redesigned app has even added an “off” button for the new design to make it easier to take pictures while the device is off.

This new design is the first time Google has put Glass on a new hardware design.

In its previous redesign, Google used an older, slightly cheaper version of Glass.

The company also revamped the way Glass handles its microphone, changing the settings to be more useful for use with other apps.