Audi: The new car, the new glasses

Audi is testing an all-glass, all-air vehicle that it hopes will make the world a better place.

The company says its new glasses, a $2,000 product, will be available for sale in the fall.

“It’s a truly revolutionary technology that makes driving more pleasant and fun,” said Paul Schulze, a product manager for Audi, in a statement.

“We’ve been experimenting with this for years, and today we’re ready to unveil a brand new technology that is just as fun to drive.”

The glasses will feature the Audi-inspired design language of the company’s previous models, including the A8, A8 sedan, A7 and A7 Plus.

The new glasses will also offer new features, such as a dual-LED tail light and an adjustable center stand.

A driver who chooses to purchase the glasses also will receive an Audi-branded Bluetooth headset.

The glasses are also expected to help reduce the wear and tear on drivers’ eyes, a feature that has become increasingly important to many drivers as their eyes grow larger.

The brand’s new glasses feature a high-tech lens that focuses sunlight and adjusts to the environment, enabling drivers to focus on the road and enjoy the ride.

The lenses will also feature a unique system for controlling ambient light, allowing drivers to adjust the ambient light to the driver’s preferences.