Glass spray bottle found in home

Glass spray bottles, which are not manufactured in Ireland, are increasingly being found on homes across Ireland, including in areas of inner city Cork.

Source: RTÉ News – CorkToday article A Glass Spray Bottle found in a Cork home on Monday morning.

Source: RTEO News – Tullamore and Northside NewsChannel 3 source RTO article The glass spray bottles have been found in Cork, Limerick and Kerry, according to RTÉ news.

A total of 11 glass spray containers have been seized by gardai.

One bottle was found on a window sill, a second was found in the kitchen of a home in Kilmainham, and a third was found at the front door of a house in Cork.

The bottles are commonly used in glass spray for cleaning and maintenance, and have been known to contain a toxic chemical.

Gardai said that a sample from the glass spray was sent to a lab to be tested, and that the test results would be forwarded to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman.