What to drink when you’re out and about on the go? Here’s what to avoid

A cocktail glass is one of the few items that can make your day a bit easier.

Here’s the list of things you should avoid while out and on the town.

drink responsibly drink responsibly Drink responsibly with your kids It’s very important to remember that alcohol consumption can lead to many problems, and is often the culprit behind some of the most serious and devastating accidents.

So while we’re not advocating drinking responsibly, if you want to reduce your risk of accidents, you should always drink responsibly.

Read more: what to drink responsibly at home Don’t drink too much too soonDrink to excessThe next time you’re drinking at the weekend, take the opportunity to experiment with a few different cocktails.

If you’re particularly adventurous, try mixing the spirits with a variety of food items such as chicken, shrimp, beef, fish or a salad.

You could also try adding a few fruits and vegetables into your cocktail.

Try a simple twist of lemon to make a refreshing drink.

Keep your drinks safeThe safest way to consume alcohol is to never drink alcohol at any time.

This means that no matter how much you’ve been drinking, it’s never a good idea to consume more than you can handle, or even a few drinks in a sitting.

So keep this in mind as you sip on a glass of wine, glass of gin or rum, or a bottle of wine.

If it’s your first time, be aware that alcohol is a dangerous drink, and it’s important to have a good judgement about how much alcohol you’re willing to consume.

Drink responsibly, but drink responsibly in moderation