‘Wear Glass’ has a big opening for a brand new show title ‘Watch Glass’ to premiere on Netflix this summer

It’s time to get your hands on a pair of new glasses from the brand that’s already getting a lot of attention from movie fans and the media: Whiskey glasses.

Now, we’ve all been waiting for the day Whiskey Glass finally made its way onto Netflix.

After a bit of an absence, Whiskey has returned with the release of its first two episodes of a new series on the streaming service called “Watch Glass.”

It’s the first time the brand has produced a new show in a while, so it’s going to take a little time for things to really settle down.

But Netflix is expected to make the first two of the five episodes available on August 22nd.

So, let’s just take a look at what to expect in the series.

First, let me just give you a quick overview of what the new Whiskey series is all about.

In this first episode, we learn that Whiskey’s glasses are made of a material called polyethylene.

The material is supposed to help protect the wearer from the sun and other harmful UV rays, as well as the effects of alcohol.

Whiskey is also experimenting with a “superior” version of the glass.

The first episode shows a couple of their new glasses in action, including one that shows the user’s vision through the eyes, and another that shows just how much the lenses look like a glass front door.

The show will also focus on what happens when you have a drink and have a glass of whiskey sitting on your desk.

The glass is not meant to be used for any other purpose.

In this first season, Whisker Glass will take us on a tour of its factory and what it’s all about, as you can see in the video above.

As you can tell from the videos, the glass is a little more elaborate than the ones you see in movies.

There’s a glass table that looks like a barstool, which is an old glassware that has been coated with polyethylenes, and a large glassware, which looks like an old refrigerator.

Whisker also has glass walls in the glassware and a couple other things in the process of being created.

For those of you who are new to Whiskey, Whiskeys glass products are made in a very different way from the glass that you see on your TV screen.

Whiskers glass is made from a unique polymer, which allows for the glass to be flexible and not hard.

For example, the company uses it to make a variety of different glassware including glasses that have a very flexible shape.

The company also uses it for other products like sunglasses.

Whisakers glass is also designed to be a little bit more durable than the glass used in other products.

The glass in the videos above is actually made from polyethylylene.

It’s basically a type of plastic that’s very flexible, but it’s also made of plastic and it’s quite strong.

Polyethylene is also used in a variety the materials like rubber, and that’s why you can use it for a lot more purposes than just glass.

When you’re wearing your glasses, Whisakers glasses will be very strong, so you’re not going to break them.

The brand also experimented with the idea of having the glass “swivel” back and forth so that you could actually see the world through the lenses, which helps to make them a bit more immersive.

It also helps Whisker to make sure that it doesn’t look too bad, as the glass has to be so rigid that it will not bend when you shake it.

So when you’re actually drinking the glass, it won’t just look like glass, but you’ll also see the glass as it is.

In the show, we also see that the new glasses are very similar to what you can get in movies like “The Matrix” or “Blade Runner,” so we’ll be watching them closely.

But, for now, the new product looks like what we would expect from a new Whisker.

In the new series, the brand will also show off some of the new technologies they’ve developed in the last few years.

The glasses themselves are actually a little smaller than what you would expect, as Whiskey uses a glass plate to make it so it can fit into the glasses.

For a more advanced glass, the “super-glasses” are made from three separate layers of glass.

This way, you can make the glass thinner and make it easier to grip.

But for now you can only use the super-glows with Whisker’s glasses, which can be seen in the photos above.

Whiskeys new glasses will also have a touch screen, which the company hopes will be a great way for people to make their own movies and videos.

When you look at the glasses on screen, you’ll notice that they’re a bit bigger than you would normally