When Glass Shelves Aren’t for Everyone

Glass shelves are an attractive addition to any home, but they’re also a potential danger to those around you.

New research has found that glass shelves can be a real danger for both human and animal life.

New Scientist reports that research conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Stanford University has found a “significant increase in the incidence of microorganisms that can survive under the glass”.

It’s thought that the bacteria in glass can survive for longer under low-oxygen conditions and is a risk for the health of humans and animals living in the vicinity.

As such, researchers have recommended that glass shelving should be kept away from people.

The research involved testing a number of different types of glass, including the glass that was found in the kitchen sink, and the glass used in the living room.

It was found that a large majority of the microorganisms were living in glass.

However, some of the bacteria were also found to be living in soil and water.

The study also found that the amount of bacteria in soil was greater than in water, which could lead to a greater likelihood of a person being exposed to the bacteria.

However the researchers also said that they were unable to say if these bacteria were present in the environment around the home.

It’s unclear whether these findings will have an impact on the public’s perception of the health and safety of glass.

It remains to be seen whether this research will have any impact on people’s attitudes towards the idea of having glass shelves.

In the meantime, the study has prompted the makers of the popular fridge to release a new fridge-sized glass fridge that will offer customers a choice of both a standard glass fridge and a glass model.

The company is currently working on an expanded range of glass models.

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