Why you should consider a Tom Ford Glasses for your Next Visit

Tom Ford is known for its comfortable fit and sleek design, but it has a few other great perks too.

According to a new survey from the Glasses and Accessories Association, it’s the most popular eyewear brand in the U.S. The study found that men and women over the age of 30 have a 50% higher chance of buying a pair of Glasses or Accessories than their friends and co-workers.

The same goes for men and female over the ages of 35 and younger, the survey found.

Women also tend to buy the Glass to protect themselves from the sun, according to the survey, and that’s a great benefit to those with sunburns, acne, or a combination of the two.

Women are also more likely to want to own a pair than men, according the study, so it makes sense that they want to get one.

“Glasses and accessories are popular among men because they are comfortable and offer good value, especially compared to eyewears and glasses for men,” said Katie McElhaney, the Glass and Accessories association’s director of media relations.

“Women want a glass or accessories for their beauty routine, and they are also seeking the benefits of wearing glasses to protect them from the elements.”

McElthaney also said that the trend for women to buy glasses and accessories online is because of the social stigma surrounding the product, but that she’s glad women are choosing to shop online.

“I think people are looking for something different, and women are more comfortable in their own skin,” she said.

Men are more likely than women to want a pair, but they’re also more willing to try out new products and get advice.

“It’s a little like having your own personal shopper for your health,” McElHaney said.

“They’re looking for the product that works for them.”

Glasses aren’t cheap, though.

The average Glasses will cost you $180, while Accessories will set you back $100, according a Glasses spokeswoman.

The glasses and Accessories survey found that while women are purchasing the glasses for beauty, men are also looking to protect their eyes.

“Men and women in their 30s and 40s are buying Glasses because they want a comfortable, stylish option for their eyeglasses, and are seeking the comfort and style that a pair offers,” McIlhaney said, noting that women are also buying the glasses to help them manage their weight.

Men and women tend to be more likely when shopping online because of their social stigma around eyewords, but the survey suggests women are still interested in buying glasses for health reasons.

Women have higher rates of allergies, sleep apnea, depression, and bipolar disorder, the study found.

They’re also less likely to wear glasses in a pinch, and the study also found that they prefer the fit of the glasses over their own, and in the case of the Glass, that’s because they don’t need to protect against the sun.

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