Payne glasses on sale at Walmart

Walmart on Tuesday announced a new collection of Payne glasses that have been on sale since mid-September.

The new collection comes in a range of colors, from black to green, and features Payne’s trademark double-sided frames, which can fold up into an ordinary eyeglass case.

The Payne Glasses range comes in two sizes: a “special edition” and “standard” that includes a gold-plated glass lens and a Payne sticker.

The company said in a press release that the glasses were developed to complement the brand’s products.

“Payne is a global leader in providing personalized and innovative eyeglasses to customers,” the company said.

“The new Payne Glassed glasses are the perfect complement to Payne’s unique line of eyeglasses, which combine premium materials, innovative technology and an exceptional value for the price.”

Payne Glasses is a collaboration between Payne eyewear and Payne sunglasses.