Trump aide Grant Glass gets 3,000 new followers for his ‘selfie’

Breitbart News reports that Grant Glass, a former White House adviser, has been using his Twitter account to reach out to new followers.

Glass has been making the rounds to share his selfies and photos with followers in a bid to increase his number of followers.

Trump has been tweeting his picture and selfies as he travels across the country, and it’s easy to see why.

In addition to sharing his photo with followers, Trump has also made an effort to make sure that followers know who Glass is.

On Monday, he posted his picture of himself with his new followers on his official account, as well as his own Twitter handle, @grantglass.

Trump’s account was last updated on September 22.

While the account is not visible to the public, Glass has a total of 13,000 followers.

This is a significant number, as he is now the second most popular person in the White House behind Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump, like many in the Trump administration, is known for his quick and easy tweeting style, and he has been able to capitalize on the opportunity to spread his message.

Glass, who is an American citizen, has made a name for himself through his use of social media.

While he has not yet been confirmed as Trump’s replacement as communications director, he has had plenty of opportunities to use his social media presence to spread Trump’s message.

On September 20, Glass posted a picture of him with a group of people in his hometown of Washington, DC, along with the caption, “I love my job!”

Trump has a strong following on Twitter, and his popularity is growing.

While Trump does not appear to be the most popular president in the world, he does appear to have the highest approval rating among the public.

In fact, he is the second-most popular person behind Pence.