Crown of glass and glass beach: Who’s crowned the new king of the seas?

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Crown of Glass and Glass beach.

The crown of glass at Crown of Light, the island’s crown jewel.

It is a sign of the king that his name is crowned with glass.

I know that the crown is not his, and the people do not take it seriously, said Eric Kinsley, a local businessman.

“He has no control over this,” Kinsly said of the crown, which he said was given to him by the king.

“It’s his crown.

He doesn’t even own it.”

The king, known as the “king of light,” is expected to become the king of all oceans on the island in the next three to five years.

Kinsley said the crown will symbolize the unity of Jamaica’s people, and he is hoping to get the island to join other countries in the race to join the United Nations.

King Edward II of England also was crowned in 1856.

His son, George IV, also had a crown at the time.