Which TV Shows Should You Follow?

There’s a new Netflix streaming show in town, and its name is “The Glass of Water.”

Netflix says it has picked up the pilot for a new series set in a world where the world is full of glass and people are constantly falling in love with it.

But how will it play?

“This is an anthology show that explores the love of glass,” Netflix says in a press release.

The first season of the show will be available on June 6, and the company is offering a five-episode prequel, titled “Glass, Part II.”

That prequel will be “an exploration of a world in which glass is the currency of choice, and love and marriage are the currency and only option for those in love,” Netflix said.

“The series will be based on a short story written by the writer of the first season, and a film by the director, who is currently filming the series.”

It is unclear how the show’s premise will play out.

“We have an incredible group of writers and directors, who are making this an incredible series,” Netflix’s president Ted Sarandos said in a statement.

“And as we work with them to deliver the best content possible, we will have some surprises and surprises to share.”

The “Glass” prequel is set in the near future, and will be filmed entirely in Hawaii.

It will be about the characters’ relationships with each other and with the glass.

Netflix is hoping to have a season of “The Ghost” and “The War” available in the fall, as well as a new season of Fargo and a new miniseries in the works.

It is also expected to premiere later this year, so fans can get a taste of what Netflix has in store for its streaming service.

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