The biggest glass story ever

Glass is the fastest-growing market in America, and it’s a big part of why companies like Samsung and Apple are looking to expand.

But now, glass has gotten even bigger.

The Glass Society of America says it’s adding 1,100 jobs, but those numbers aren’t final.

That means that the Glass job growth could be as high as a million jobs, according to Recode.

It’s a bit more than we’d expected.

We asked Glass CEO Andrew Miller if he had any additional info on what those new jobs will look like.

Miller said that while the company was “still trying to find our footing” as a Glass company, he didn’t want to get into any specific numbers.

Glass was founded in 2014 by two students at the University of Southern California, with the intention of becoming a “world leader in the glass manufacturing industry.”

In 2017, Miller founded the Glass Innovation Lab in San Jose, California, to foster new technologies and develop “products that will change the way people see glass.”

The Lab has since grown to 20 employees, and Miller has said the company will have 30,000 employees in 2020.

While Glass is a pretty big company, there’s a lot of uncertainty about how Glass is going to work in the real world.

According to Glass Society data, there were 7,500 new jobs created in the US in 2018.

That’s down from 8,800 in 2017.

And while Glass has been expanding rapidly, the Glass Job Growth report said that it had seen a “massive decline” in job creation since 2015.

“I think the most telling thing about Glass, and why we were optimistic about Glass as a company, is that it is very much a business.

The vast majority of Glass’ jobs are in the consumer space, which is what we’re focused on,” Miller said.

“We’re not focusing on the healthcare or the retail space.

Glass is focused on helping the people who need it.”

So, Glass is trying to get as much of its workforce as possible into the Glass space.

That, in turn, means it needs to figure out what that means for its Glass business.

The Glass Society said it’s planning to do a study that will help it figure out the “most appropriate path forward” for Glass.

That study could include looking at how Glass might benefit the consumer market.

We’ve reached out to Glass to ask what this study will look at.

We’ll update this story if we hear back.

The report says Glass could have a positive impact on health care.

In the first quarter of 2020, Glass announced a $15 billion investment in medical devices and software that would be “a catalyst for innovation and growth for the industry.”

The Glass Investment Fund is also looking to “invest in leading-edge medical technology for the future of healthcare,” according to the report.

Miller also told Recode that Glass is planning to build out a healthcare IT division.

The company has “been in discussions with several companies and we’ll continue to talk with those companies in the near future,” he said.