Google Glass glasses scratch removers will cost you $3.99 on Google’s website

Google is getting ready to roll out its new smart glasses product, Google Glass, to more than 200,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada.

The glasses will be available for $1,399, or $99 on the Google Glass website.

That’s about half of what you’ll pay for a pair of Apple Pay smart glasses, which are already available on the Apple website.

Google Glass is Google’s answer to the growing popularity of smart watches and smart glasses.

It has a large screen and built-in microphone that lets users talk to it and use apps on the device.

You can pair it with a phone to get texts and messages.

Google Glass has no built- in speaker, so you’ll need a dedicated speaker to use it.

Google is also introducing a $149 pair of smart glasses called the Google Pixel 2.

The glasses will include a microphone, a small speaker and two infrared LEDs.

Those LEDs will illuminate when the user speaks.

The device will have a screen that’s 13 inches (350 mm) wide by 10 inches (315 mm) tall.

The Google Pixel glasses are expected to debut in late October or early November.

Google says the Pixel 2 glasses will offer the same functionality as the Pixel phones but with better camera quality and larger screens.

The Pixel 2 will also include a smaller camera, a smaller battery and a larger display.

Google says it’s working on “new, innovative ways to make our smart products better,” and it has plans to launch several new smart devices in the next year.