How to order glasses from the web online from your phone

You can order glasses on Amazon or anywhere else, but ordering glasses online is a bit more complicated than ordering them from a store.

Glass orders require a phone number and your name and email address.

To make your order, you can use Google Glass app or Google Glass Watch app to create an account.

You can then call or text your Google Glass Wear device, and your glasses order will be placed on your device in the cloud.

The Google Glass App is also an excellent tool to get glasses orders.

Here’s how to make an order using Glass app: Go to Glass app.

Tap on “Glass orders.”

Tap on the glasses you want.

Tap the “Add to my order” button.

You will see an item that says “Add glasses” in the top right corner.

Follow the instructions to get your order.

When you receive your order from Glass, your glasses will be sent to your phone via email, so you will have time to get back to your Google Assistant to get a Glass Watch order.