How to take your own selfies with prada dining table glasses

It’s no secret that many people are now opting for smart glasses to get a better view of their dinner table.

However, a new report suggests the technology has also been overhyped.

While there are plenty of examples of people getting a better photo of their table, the new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers found a significant number of people had problems with how their glasses were viewed.

The report, titled How to Take Your Own Photographs with Prada Glass, is the latest to warn that people are falling for the PR trick, despite there being a plethora of evidence to suggest the glasses can’t really make you better at taking pictures.

PwC’s study found that almost half of respondents (47 per cent) said they were not confident taking their own pictures with the prada glass, compared with 18 per cent who said they weren’t.

The most common reason people were not sure about taking their photographs was that they weren�t used to taking photos in prada, the report found.

Pricewaterhouse said it had seen a spike in complaints from people who had trouble with their glasses and had asked the company to investigate.

The company said it was aware that people were worried about the technology, and had worked with manufacturers to improve their image quality.PWC’s survey also found that one in five people were unsure about taking photos of their own.

However, it noted that this was more common in people who use the glasses to look at other people.PWC’s director of photography in the US, Chris Burt, said the company was looking at how to improve the way the glasses worked for people using them to take photos, and it would be helpful to people who were not used to using the glasses.

The study was carried out between January and March, with a random sample of 704 people using the pradaflexes at various venues around the world.

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