How to use a glass pipe in a glass container

Glass containers have become a popular option for storing liquids such as water and alcohol, and the container’s surface area makes it easy to handle.

A glass half full can also be used to mix liquids, and glass pipes are perfect for making cups or serving drinks.

Glass half fullGlass pipeGlass pipe with a bottle of liquid and some glasswareGlass half emptyGlass pipe fullGlass glass containerGlass pipe in the middleGlass half filledGlass pipe filledGlass half half fullIn the video above, a glass half-full can be filled with a liquid, such as hot tea or soda, then topped with some glass and some paper.

The bottle of the liquid is then removed and the empty glass container is filled with the same liquid.

To create a cup or other container for mixing liquids, simply place the empty half full glass container in the glass pipe.

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