How to fix glass nail files

Mygrant Glass, a glass company, is being sued by a woman who says it failed to make her glass nail nail file a lasting, protective one.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in New Jersey, Jane Bierut of New York says Glass made her glass file brittle and unusable.

Bierut, who lives in New York City, says the file was “not fit for purpose.”

She said Glass gave her a glass nail that “was too short and not strong enough to hold my nail.”

Bieruts lawsuit says Glass also failed to replace the nail file.

Bieruts attorney, Robert A. Johnson, said in a statement that his client “had no reason to believe that her nail file was not working properly” and that “Glass does not and will not intentionally create defects or fail to replace its products.”

The lawsuit alleges that Glass is liable for damages to Bierutz because it “failed to make proper maintenance and repair of its products, including glass nail nails.”

Johnson says that Glass did not do proper testing for the nail nail, or to ensure that the file “was not broken.”

Glass is also facing other lawsuits in New England over the nail files, including one filed in New Hampshire.

In its suit against Glass, Bieruty alleges that it violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay her the amount it was owed for the file, and also that Glass should have known that it was failing to provide proper maintenance to the file.

In the lawsuit filed in May, Glass is accused of failing to give Bieruter the proper information that it must give her when making a product.

The lawsuit says Bieruyts nail file “is not a reliable, long-lasting, or durable one” and “was broken at least twice.”

Johnson said in the statement that Bieruks lawsuit is based on the negligence of Glass.

He said that Glass has a “long history of providing high quality, high-quality nail files to consumers.”