Glass nail file and glass rose file for the season?

The Glass Nail File is a simple but versatile nail file that can be used to file nails, polish nails, or apply cosmetics.

It’s made of anodised aluminium and uses a simple single-use plastic clip.

It also includes a plastic clip for attaching your own nail file.

You can buy it from the UK, US and Canada, and it’s available at the Amazon UK store for £11.99.

The Glass Rose File is made of stainless steel and is made to hold a rose or other petal and nail file (though you can also buy a rose nail file for £16.99).

You can use it to file your nails, apply cosmetics or to file a rose petal.

It can also be used for nail polish, which can be a pain to get right.

It includes a metal clip and a plastic clasp that can attach your own file.

The nail file is available in a variety of colours and styles.