John Lennon glasses to buy on eBay for $12,000

John Lennon’s glasses have sold for a record-breaking $12.6 million on eBay, according to Business Insider.

John Lennon’s sunglasses, the first pair of glasses made to look like his famous glasses, were a hit in the 1970s and early 80s and are now available for $10,000 to $12 and more on eBay.

They can also be bought on Amazon for as much as $14,000.

The glasses were made to resemble the pair that John Lennon wore during his famous 1970s appearance on The Tonight Show.

John Lennon sold the glasses at a record price, at the time $1,000 each.

The price of John’s glasses was $12 in 1976, when they were made for $2,000, according the Business Insider report.

The Beatles, whose albums were written with the glasses in mind, made their own pair of John Lennon sunglasses, but the company didn’t sell them until 1980.