How to find out if your glasses are fake

The Times Of India on Monday said that the search engine giant has found a serious problem with the fake glasses.

In a report titled ‘Google Glass’ to face a backlash, the Times said that Google has found that the company is selling counterfeit glasses.

It said that, “Google Glass is a scam.

The glasses are manufactured in China, using a fake manufacturing method.

There are no genuine Google Glass makers or any manufacturers who produce the Glass.”

The company has been under fire for selling the devices, as well as misleading the public about the quality of its products.

Google Glass, as it is known, has been on sale for several months, with the device set to become available for purchase later this month.

However, Google has faced a backlash over the sale of the devices and the fact that the products are being sold without a proper label or safety seal.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Google VP of product engineering Scott Forstall said that “We’ve seen this before.

We’re not going to be the first to make this mistake, but we do understand that there are some consumers who want a good-looking device and we want to ensure that the quality and safety of the products is up to par.”

Google has also said that it will continue to work with manufacturers to address the issue.

Google has said that they are working to make Glass more secure and has also promised to continue to provide refunds to consumers.