A new generation of self-healing glasses may not be so hard to come by.

By using a special type of glue that makes the glass transparent, glass makers can create self-cleaning, flexible and waterproof goggles that are easy to take care of.

The lenses are coated with a polymer that is impervious to fingerprints and tears.

The new type of self healing glasses are still in development, but they have been developed by a California company, Glass Lens, which specializes in the construction and use of self repair lenses. 

Glass Lens, founded in 2011, says its new glass is an upgrade from the traditional “pink” lenses that have long been used to protect the lenses of consumer electronics.

The glass can absorb and disperse the moisture that accumulates on the lenses, allowing them to remain flexible and still work even after they are damaged. 

The glasses have already been sold to consumers, but Glass Lens says it plans to open a new division to focus on making the glasses that are ideal for emergency responders and others who need to maintain a constant level of protection for their eyes.

The company says its goggles are made with a special polymer that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use. 

“We have tested these goggles for over two years and are very confident in them,” the company said in a statement.

“Our customers are concerned about the durability of their glasses.

The polymer is designed to withstand repeated wear and will provide maximum comfort for long-term wear.”

The new self healing glass is made of a unique polymer called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is a lightweight and strong plastic that has a higher melting point than other materials.

It is one of the few plastics that can absorb moisture, which is important for many kinds of glass. 

In the early days of the internet, GlassLens was one of several companies that were developing self-repair lenses for people who were wearing eyeglasses.

Today, there are hundreds of brands of glass and goggles for emergency workers, paramedics, firefighters and other people with damaged eyes.

The company says the new glass will be ideal for use by the public, because it is a non-porous material and has no odor or other harmful substances.

The glasses are a good investment for those who are looking for a way to protect their eyes, said GlassLens CEO Mike McKeon.

“We are looking at making the glass in a way that will last for the lifetime of your glasses, and for a very long time,” McKeons company said. 

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